U.S. Secondary Loan Market Movers

The Week’s biggest movers: June 27, 2014

Biggest gainers and losers among widely-quoted syndicated loans in secondary trading, in the week ended Monday. Listed are the biggest movers among the 260 loans with at least five bids. All loans listed are B-term, or sold to institutional investors.

NameMoody's/S&PCouponMaturityAverage BidWeekly Change
(% of par)(%)
99 Cents Only StoresB2/B+L+35013-Jan-19100.480.23
Apex Tool GroupB2/BL+32525-Jan-2098.830.13
Arch Coal IncB1/B+L+50017-May-1898.10.24
Caesars Entertainment IncB2/CCC+L+60024-Sep-20100.320.21
Cengage LearningB2/B+L+6005-Mar-20101.17-0.19
Datatel IncB1/B+L+30019-Jul-1899.96-0.1
Dell Computer CorpBa2/BB+L+35025-Mar-20100.42-0.14
Epicor Software CorpBa3/B+L+30016-May-18100.13-0.1
J. CrewB1/BL+30027-Feb-2198.580.13
Mallinckrodt Group IncBa2/BB+L+27525-Feb-2199.960.14
Miller Heiman IncB2/BL+57524-Sep-1996.1-0.3
MoneyGram International IncB1/BB-L+32525-Mar-2098.58-0.22
NewPage CorpB2/B+L+82531-Jan-2199.830.24
Nine EntertainmentBa2/NRL+3005-Feb-2099.450.25
Par PharmaceuticalB1/BL+30028-Sep-1999.950.11
Petroleum Geo-Services ASABa2/BBL+25030-Jun-2198.60.13
Rite Aid CorpBa3/BB-L+27521-Feb-2099.880.1
Seadrill LtdBa3/BB-L+30017-Feb-2199.310.55
Virgin Media Investment Holdings Ltd (NTL)Ba3/BB-L+2756-Feb-2099.560.19
Walter Energy IncB3/BL+57514-Mar-1896.610.13
West CorpBa3/BBL+20015-Jul-1699.870.1
West CorpBa3/BBL+25030-Jun-1899.380.1
Total loans with at least one bid:5066
Average change in bids:Change .01 percentage points

Note: These are the averages of indicative bid prices provided by bank-loan traders and expressed as a percentage of the par, or face, value. Coupon, or interest rate, is in 1/100s of a percentage point over Libor, the benchmark London Interbank Offered Rate. All ratings are for specific loans and not for the company itself except as noted with an (a). These prices do not represent actual trades nor are they offers to trade; rather they are estimated values provided by dealers.

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