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What to Watch (7/29/19)

  • Investors withdrew US$413.5m from loan funds last week. It was the 36th consecutive week of outflows in the loan market, and is a marginal decrease from the US$465.5m pulled out in the week ending July 17.
  • In first half of the 2019, US syndicated institutional lending totaled US$151.3bn, a 31% decline compared to the first half of 2018.
  • Unitranche volume continued to gain traction in middle market sponsored finance in 2Q19 with issuance hitting a brand new quarterly record high of US$9.2bn.
  • Libor rates have been on the decline. As of July 24, the 3-month Libor rate was 2.27%, 54bp below its 2018 year-end level. So far in July, the average Libor rate is 2.3%.

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