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5 Things to Know (3/11/19)

  • Banks are finding steady demand this year from issuers seeking to lock in lower interest rates as non-bank pockets have thinned and their funding becomes more expensive.
  • A slowing economy in the US combined with still steep price tags on target companies has PE buyers focused on add-on acquisitions to existing middle market companies.
  • LPC’s Loan Market Scorecard provides a snapshot of key statistics in the leveraged loan and high yield bond markets.
  • Bankers expect a strong reception for a US$5.45bn loan which is part of a US$10bn package backing the buyout of Power Solutions, despite more than US$15bn of outflows from loan funds in recent months.
  • At less than US$116bn, issuance so far this quarter is less than half of full 1Q18 totals with barely three weeks left.

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