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5 Things to Know (10/16/17)

  • Bank fees earned from arranging a record US$1.75trn of US syndicated loans in the first nine months of the year hit an all-time high.
  • Two leveraged loans for first-time US issuers are struggling in syndication with credit concerns, despite a strong market backdrop.
  • Credit risk and its use in Dodd-Frank risk-retention rules dominated oral arguments Tuesday as the US loan trade group made its case that CLOs should be exempt from regulation.
  • Thomson Reuters LPC’s Loan Market Scorecard provides a snapshot of key statistics in the leveraged loan and high yield bond markets.
  • Leveraged lending, which has been under intense regulatory scrutiny the last four years, is not listed as a priority for the OCC in 2018.

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What to Watch (10/16/17)

  • Office Depot has scheduled a bank meeting on October 18 to launch the US$750m term loan B backing its US$1bn acquisition of CompuCom. Goldman leads the deal.
  • Nellson Nutraceutical on October 16 will raise a US$82m incremental term loan and launch a repricing of its approximately US$292m in existing term debt. Antares Capital leads.
  • US coal producer Consol Mining Corp will hold a bank meeting October 16 for prospective lenders. Citigroup will lead.
  • Investors added US$45.9m to loan funds and US$966.8m to high-yield bond funds in the week ending October 11. It was the second straight week of inflows into loan funds after six weeks of outflows. Investors added US$368.6m to the fund the prior week.

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