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5 Things to Know (2/8/16)

  • The first US$10bn chunk of loans in a US$45bn financing package backing Dell’s purchase of EMC is testing banks’ appetite for funded dollar assets before tapping the institutional loan and high-yield bond markets.
  • Thomson Reuters LPC’s Loan Market Scorecard provides a snapshot of key statistics in the leveraged loan and high yield bond markets.
  • Worried investors are calling for tighter terms and conditions on US leveraged loans as pricing continues to move higher for lower-rated companies.
  • US regulators are likely to classify more oil and gas loans as high risk when they start a new bank portfolio review in February.
  • Investors in the US leveraged loan market are seeking to cut the time it takes to complete a trade as regulators warn that funds may not be able to meet redemptions during volatility.

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What to Watch (2/8/16)

  • MedRisk will launch February 8 a US$227.5m credit facility to support a large minority investment in the company by TA Associates. Antares Capital is acting as the sole lead arranger.
  • Banks will launch a stalled US$1.9bn Term Loan B backing the US$6.5bn buyout of software maker Solera Holdings next week.
  • 2016 has gotten off to a slow start in the loan market with just under US$84bn of syndicated loan issuance working its way through the market in January, down from US$88bn at the same time last year.
  • Technicals continue to weaken in the leveraged loan market as CLO issuance grinds to a crawl and retail funds continue to bleed cash on a weekly basis.

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