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5 Things to Know (11/23/15)

  • Banks are set to take significant losses on a big part of a US$14bn pipeline of leveraged buyout loans for US companies after a US$5.6bn debt financing for Veritas was pulled and another loan for Belk struggles.
  • Thomson Reuters LPC’s Loan Market Scorecard provides a snapshot of key statistics in the leveraged loan and high yield bond markets.
  • The size of the US institutional leveraged loan market has grown by 69% since the start of 2010 driven by borrowers taking advantage of near zero interest rates to issue a record amount of debt.
  • BDCs are a step closer to being able to lend more to small businesses, after the US House Financial Services Committee this month passed a bill modernizing BDC regulation.
  • The term loans of US companies missing Wall Street expectations in the third quarter earnings season are being hit hard in the secondary market.

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What to Watch (11/23/15)

  • US syndicated loan issuance is US$1.69tn so far this year, down 6% from the US$1.8tn recorded in the same period last year. Issuance is being dragged down by leveraged lending.
  • Completed buyout loan volume has reached just US66.5bn, a far cry from the record level of US $207bn in 2007. Even with US$14.1bn still in the pipeline, volume is tracking to be lower than the US$95bn closed in 2014.
  • Retail investors withdrew US$306.2m from bank loan mutual funds, the 17th straight week of withdrawals, while pulling US$1.357bn from high-yield bond funds in the week ending Nov 18.
  • 4Q15 middle market volume is tracking to be one of the lightest fourth quarters in five years. Middle market leveraged buyout volume is solid, already exceeding US$4.2bn in 4Q15..

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