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5 Things to Know (8/21/17)

  • Sliding loan pricing and increased repayments are continuing to curb the profitability and growth of BDCs.
  • US CLO funds are reworking their documentation to accommodate new benchmark rates following news that the Libor, which is used to set rates on loans from corporate borrowings to mortgage payments, will be replaced.
  • Pharmaceutical company Depomed has pulled a seven-year US$350m refinancing loan from syndication after investors pushed back on pricing, according to two sources familiar with the deal.
  • The Engine Group, a global marketing services platform, has sweetened pricing and terms on US$277m in credit facilities backing a recapitalization transaction.
  • One of the most often-asked and vexing questions over the years has been, how big is the middle market?

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What to Watch (8/21/17)

  • Middle market institutional TLB premium is 71bp in August, its lowest level in over a year
  • Despite increase in Libor, middle market yields are down to 6.03% so far in 3Q17
  • Mixed BDC earnings result in average price to NAV dropping to 0.93 times
  • Completed middle market volume only reaches US$11.6bn so far in 3Q17

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